A Cross-Continental Summer- Internships in Turkey and Libya. By Almoataz Enfies

img_0204Like most undergraduates, whilst at NBS, I am taking all the possible opportunities to enhance my skills and employability. I am the sort of individual who is dedicated to enhancing and learning new abilities In fact, attended several events offered by Career Central, such as creating a CV and successful applications, which has helped me manage my time, and set up objectives in order for me to achieve my goals.

The vast majority of students are also seeking to improve their employability potential, therefore I started seeking more activities that had a positive impact on me. For example, I joined in with the Ziggurat Challenge organised and run by UEA Sport. Our team was from both ECO and NBS, and was made up of people from all year groups, and postgraduates. I played a major role in the team, with us finishing in 2nd place last year, a massive success. I think we did so well because of how effectively we connected with each other, and really played as a team. I also enjoyed lots of social events, as it was really useful for getting to know people from different cultures and making friends with people of all different nationalities. I am definitely happy with finishing my first year with a 2:1, along with joining loads of other activities that improved my skills.

Kromlucks Group

I was extremely passionate to get myself an internship during the summer after my 1st year. The process was one of the greatest tests I have ever had, seeing as I was rejected a few times, but these rejections only made me more determined to succeed. Eventually, I secured two internships, after several more testing applications. My first internship lasted from one month, and was in the finance sector of Kromlucks Group. This also included working with the advertising department in order to get more information about the products and structure within the company, so we had a better understanding of how to represent them internationally. The company is located in Turkey, and specialises in manufacturing industrial kitchen, laundry, and cooling equipment for hospitals. The application process took me around a month and a half to complete, from starting the application form to finally meeting the team at the end of July 2016.

Kashadah and Co. are based in Tripoli, Libya

My second internship was in my home country of Libya, with an organisation known as Kashadah and Co. Established in 1974, it provides a range of professional services such as, assurance and business advisory, compilation of financial statements, tax planning and compliance, social security services, business consulting, and registration of companies. Once again, this internship also lasted a month, and was also based in the company’s finance sector.

With thanks to Almoataz Enfies for contributing to the NBS Blog.

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