Anna Shokolenko- A Year in the Life of a Brand Leader

I  know everybody keeps saying “time flies”, but it really does. A year at MSc Brand Leadership went so quickly, yet it was truly the most amazing experience: it gave me so much confidence in who I am, a set of valuable skills, useful connections and great friends – all you need to make a step forward.

Lectures, workshops, countless presentations (thank you Robert), master classes from top branding practitioners, trips out, and ‘family’ dinners – all of that has given me not only a sense of ‘what creative industry feels like’, but a comprehensive understanding of how it works.

Brand Leadership trip to bradn consultancy- Wolff Olins, London

During the course I’ve embraced curiosity, creativity and confidence (shall it be the new 3C model?), and I’m using these to perfect my everyday work related tasks.

A year ago I visited FITCH – the world’s leading retail & brand consultancy to have my first meeting with mentor as a part of Brand Leadership course. It was enough for me to set the goal – I want to be a part of the team there. Luckily for all of us, with effort and determination dreams tend to come true.

fitch logo.pngCurrently I’m working as a part of Client Services team at FITCH and I’m involved in projects with Russian clients. I enjoy playing an active role in business development with current and potential clients, managing the project process and ensuring that it is running smoothly for both the client and the team.

A recent reunion of Anna and her coursemates

Only once you’ve started working you do appreciate the course’s invaluable skills that you gained throughout a year. And I am truly grateful for all the opportunities and possibilities that I’ve been given by Brand Leadership course.

Enjoy every step of your journey. You never know what is waiting around the corner…

Why not say hello to Anna on LinkedIn.

With thanks to Anna for contributing to the NBS Blog. Anna graduated with an MSc in Brand leadership in 2016.


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