Tackling Social Issues with Enactus UEA- By Ella Jenkinson

enactus-ueaEnactus is a student led society that sets up projects aiming to tackle social issues and create a positive impact on society and empower people to transform their own lives. Enactus UEA is relatively new, having only been formed in 2014, and so the projects are not at the same level or scope as some other universities that have been long established for over a decade.

Within Enactus we divide members into teams, each focusing on a specific beneficiary. We raise funds through fundraising activities such as the Krispy Kreme doughnut sale at uni and also through winning grants from Enactus UK sponsors. Another source of funding can be from the projects themselves. We are currently setting up a commercial project that entails using waste coffee grounds and turning these into a face scrub that we can sell on to students and members of the public. This project will benefit society in that it eliminates waste and puts disused coffee grounds to good use, but also to act as a “Robin Hood model” whereby the funds from this project will be used to finance our other projects that have a human beneficiary.

On Friday the 25th of November, Enactus UEA held a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale in the Hive at UEA Union House in order to raise funds to get new Enactus projects up and running.

The Enactus UEA Krispy Kreme donught sale.

We ordered and set ourselves a target of selling 20 boxes of 12 doughnuts, however given other societies difficulty selling this number we were sceptical at first that this would be an ambitious target. However, the day that we sold the doughnuts on coincided with a mini open day at the university and so the hive was particularly full and people were extremely generous. In fact, the sales and donations generated £279.99 of profit for the society and we sold out of doughnuts 3 hours before we had scheduled to end the sale.

Verity, Sarah and Tom from Enactus UEA at The Krispy Kreme doughnut sale.

The Krispy Kreme sale was organised in particular to help fund the work we are doing in partnership with The People’s Picnic of Norwich who currently operate a meals service handing out hot food to the homeless twice a week. Enactus UEA are currently working with The People’s Picnic and collaborating ideas and resources to find premises in the city centre to set up a hostel for the homeless community in Norwich. Given that winter is here  we feel as though it may be more realistic to set up a year round hostel over the coming year, instead of just a pop up hostel for this winter.

Members of Enactus UEA helping The People’s Picnic at a hot food handout for the homeless in Norwich.

You can find out more about Enactus UEA and the projects we are currently running through our Facebook  or email us at enactusuea@outlook.com. We have also recently set up a justgiving page in the hope of raise more funds for all of our projects. All donations are greatly welcome and appreciated.

With thanks to Ella Jenkinson for contributing to the NBS Blog. Ella is a final year NBS student of BSc Marketing and Management and member of Enactus UEA.

The EDP also reported on the collaboration between Enactus UEA and The People’s Picnic! Take a look here


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