UEA Business Breakfast Event: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships – By Dr Graham Manville, Director of Enterprise



Norwich Business School hosted its latest Business Breakfast event on the 16th February 2017 on the theme of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) at UEA.

The KTP is the UK’s primary mechanism for delivering government funded knowledge transfer to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since its introduction in 1975 under the previous name of Teaching Company Scheme (TCS). A KTP aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between university and industry partners. “Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a UK-wide programme to encourage business and knowledge base collaborations. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships help businesses and organisations to improve their competitiveness and/or productivity through the use of the knowledge, technology and skills that reside within academic institutions” (Innovate UK).

These match-funded partnerships between the university and organisations are designed to enable organisations to improve performance, profitability, and growth. KTPs can centre on international expansion, product launch, business strategy or supply chain opportunities. Total match funding available for each project is typically £130,000 over a two year period, though smaller scale projects are possible.

Dr Graham Manville

Our business school speakers at this event were two award winning academics. The first speaker, Dr Graham Manville CMC, our Director of Enterprise and multi award winning consultant and researcher, including a Best KTP Partnership award. The KTP award link provides a summary of the kind of mutual benefits that can be gained from a KTP immediately after the completion of the project. Ten years after the completion of the KTP, the transfer of knowledge to the organisation has helped the company to increase its annual turnover from £10 Million to over £24 Million.

Dr Nick Yip

The second speaker was Dr Nick Yip, a marketing specialist who previously had a career in business before entering academia. Both academics won their most recent awards at the British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference in 2015. The BAM conference is the premier event for management research within the United Kingdom

BAM Awards Won by NBS Academics

NBS has an abundance of academic experts across all business disciplines, from marketing, to human resource management and operations to business regulation. NBS is a great place to do business for a number of reasons. Firstly, our researchers are among the best in the country having been ranked in the top ten in the last research evaluation framework exercise (REF 2014). Secondly, we are elite without being elitist, we are a friendly group at NBS and we won’t bamboozle you with jargon. Thirdly, many of our academics have had  careers in industry and several have held Director level roles. Finally, we have a world class AMBA accredited MBA programme which means that our school is a true business interchange where research meets teaching and fuses with enterprise.

A KTP is a big commitment and we expect our business clients to conduct full due diligence before committing such time and resources. However, the good news is that businesses can dip their toe in the water and work collaboratively with NBS on very small scale initiatives from sponsoring employability prizes, to commissioning a pro-bono consultancy project conducted by our MBA students. These collaborations may eventually progress into much larger projects that can yield mutual benefits.

Further Awards won by NBS Academics

If you would like to find out more about engaging with NBS or would like to discuss your idea over a coffee at the business school then please contact Dr Graham Manville, Director of Employability and Enterprise on 01603 597257 or email nbs@uea.ac.uk.

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