University Business Challenge: NBS teams reach the semi-finals yet again!

Norwich Business School has yet again out performed expectations by reaching the semi-finals of the University Business Challenge, the world’s top student competition for employability and enterprise. These competitions are an exciting challenge for students which pits the brightest students from the best universities in a friendly but competitive competition. For the 4th year in succession we have two teams in the semi-finals and we are hoping to emulate our team of last year led by alumna Toyosi Ono, who led her team to the finals.

The first semi-final takes place on Tuesday 7th March at the University of Sheffield and the team is led by 2nd year student Winnie Dai.

(L-R) Victoria Wong, Libby Yim, Saleisha Cheng, Winnie Dai, Aaron Kai

The second team are competing at the University of Bristol on the 10th March and that team is led by Assaad Enfies. Asaad’s team are also second year students and he has already had a successful first year by securing a global summer placement in Taiwan.

(L-R) Bradley Lambert, Roland Kalotai, Jacob Akrofi, Asaad Enfes, Almoataz Enfies

These competitions really help to develop the business and team working skills that employers’ value. Historically the competitions have been sponsored by large multi-nationals such as Jaguar Land Rover, IBM, RBS and social think tanks such as the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). Taking part in such competitions does not have a detrimental effect on your grades or your employability. Dr Graham Manville, Director of Employability and Enterprise confirms that “many of our competing graduates achieve higher final year grades as a result of competing in these competitions and their experience sets them apart in the graduate market too!”

If you look at our recent hall of fame of NBS graduates since 2014, you can see the companies, roles and locations that our past participants have moved into since they graduated.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our Head of School, Professor Paul Dobson is extremely proud of the achievements of our student performance in this competition. So much so that NBS semi-final teams are fully funded for the competition including accommodation, travel and a meal out the night before the competition.

Our track record as a School in the University Business Challenge is a huge achievement and we wish all of the competitors the very best of luck in their semi-finals in the coming weeks.

If you are a 1st or 2nd year NBS student and are interested in competing in the 2017/18 academic year or would like more information on the UBC competition, please drop Graham Manville a line at .


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