Hoovers drinking Piña Coladas: ‘How to Avoid Blandular Fever’ with the CIM/NBS Marketing Club

James and Nick from Robot Mascot

After a very successful first event for the CIM/NBS marketing club back in November 2016, a second event was hastily planned.  A plethora of exciting marketing topics were discussed and our chosen topic was branding and how to make your business stand out.  Our brilliant hosts for the sold-out evening in February 2017 were James and Nick from the design and brand communication agency, Robot Mascot, who more creatively named the event “How to Create Brand Standout and Avoid Blandular Fever!”

Before the evening got fully underway, a top secret project was revealed to delegates, who were then tasked with colouring-in an undisclosed marketing club logo over the evening.

Top secret colouring-in project!

Similar to our first event, an interactive workshop format was delivered. By learning the theory behind Robot Mascot’s business strategy and how they enable their clients to become distinctive through brand identity, each table of marketing professionals and UEA students were given the task of forming their own design and branding agency.  With the creative juices flowing from the colouring-in mission, James and Nick gave each ‘agency’ a client ranging from Heathrow Airport to Henry Hoover to a Granny Smith Apple. Each agency wrote a list of attractive qualities of their brand which lead into identifying the customer wants and needs.

Hints and tips for the groups working on their positioning statements

With this information, teams could develop concepts and positioning statements for their given brand.  Lots of discussion and giggling followed when Nick asked the room at random to think of the first word that came to mind.  A haphazard list of words was created – dragon, wind, pen, pineapple…the list goes on!  To complete the branding process, agencies were challenged with aligning the positioning statements with some of these words to create an advertising campaign/story.  Encouraged by James and Nick to develop weird and wacky ideas, some interesting campaigns were born.  A Hoover drinking a Pina Colada on a beach to a friendly apple-loving dragon; creativity was certainly rife in the room.  Before our ideas got too bizarre, we were reigned in and it was time for food and networking to reflect on the evening’s session and activity.

Attendees of the evening

Fast-tracking the timely process of developing a branding strategy, Robot Mascot enabled delegates to get an overview of this process in an effective and informal way, hopefully providing useful takeaways for their own businesses.  Feedback from the attendees was very positive and we are looking forward to seeing many of our delegates at the next meet-up.

With thanks to Sarah Hindley for contributing to the NBS Blog


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