Finding my Feet as an MBA at Norwich Business School – By Keerati Sudsat

Before starting my full time MBA, I worked as a Chief of Planning in the Thai military, but my educational background was a veterinary medicine, which is completely different from any of my classmates. From my many years of work and all my experiences, I still find myself eager to learn new things that I never had before. At home, my family runs the business, which I rarely help with, and given this, studying for an MBA was my target qualification, so I could can learn how to help run the business in proper way.

Returning to study a Master’s degree so long after initially graduating, lacking a formal background in business, and feeling unconfident with my English all contributed to making me feel really nervous about starting the course. So far though, the MBA programme at Norwich Business School (NBS) is amazing.

Norwich Business School 2017 MBA Cohort

In the first couple of weeks of joining the MBA, I was nicely surprised, and definitely relived. The team work very hard to encourage the development of both the confidence, as well as, the knowledge of the students. I found that the key factors that really helped me get through the initial period was not only the professional running of the course by the team, but their encouragement to unite the students to work and study as a team. I have wonderful and lovely classmates who come from every part of the world, and we share our great moments and experiences together. It also gives us a fantastic opportunity to gain insights about how businesses are run in various different countries around the world.

Keerati working on a group project with his fellow MBA colleagues


The MBA Alumni network is very helpful especially when you need somebody to guide in your studies. All the staff at NBS, and around UEA are all very helpful, which helps students use all facilities on campus effectively. The main library at UEA is very useful too, with some great technology. It is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in order to guarantee all students access to the knowledge they need, whenever they need it. We also have access to internet based/e-learning programmes that also enable you to study anywhere we might be.

UEA is a great place to study, as it is surrounded by very beautiful grounds and nature. There are a lot of activities and societies that you can join to take a break from your studies and refresh your mind. Norwich is also very nice for sight-seeing, and one of  “the safest cities in the UK“. I have found that people in Norwich are very kind and gentle and they are always happy to help with a warm and sincere heart. Once I arrived here, I felt very peaceful and safe.

I would like to thank everyone in the MBA Team for giving me the great opportunities and support through the start of the course. I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring!

With thanks to Keerati Sudsat for contributing to the NBS Blog

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