Learning employable skills and more at the CPA Australian Luncheon- By Sussie Karani

I was privileged to attend the CPA Australian Luncheon, an event organised by the CPA Australia and I was invited to attend by Norwich Business School (NBS) at UEA where I am a full time MSc International Accounting and Financial Management student. The main hosts, CPA Australia, are one of the world’s largest professional accounting and finance bodies with membership of more than 160,000 certified accountants.


I was enthusiastic to be part of the event because I knew it would be a unique opportunity to meet, engage and learn from senior industry leaders who are practicing in the accounting profession. I was not disappointed.

It is a happy coincidence that the CPA Australia Luncheon came just after we had completed a group work assignment on entrepreneurial executive training on how to plan and design an innovative one day training programme that focused on the development of employable management skills demanded at the workplace. I, therefore, could appreciate the holistic learning experience one receives at NBS where courses are both knowledge based and practical in design.

NBS gives students not only good academic exposure but also opportunities to learn employable management skills and provide guidance on how one could leverage such skills in the dynamic competitive job market.

The CPA Australia Future Leaders’ Luncheon, held in London at The Shard is a good example of events that NBS offers exclusively to their students. The event provided me a platform to connect with of some of the best students from other UK universities as well as hear some of leading personalities from big businesses in UK, such as Barclays, Sony Music Entertainment and IKEA. The event was not only insightful but a good networking opportunity for me too.

Opened in 2012, The Shard based by London Bridge is the tallest building in the UK

I recall an intriguing moment at the event when the panelist shared their career path and success stories to the audience and from my notes I picked the following;

  1. One needs be passionate in their career, enabling them to give their best in order to succeed
  2. At a point in time one will reach a crossroad in their career and all panelists agreed that moving out of your comfort zone is the jolt needed to reach your desired professional goals. A example of this  was that all the panelists had moved from their home countries and seized global opportunities, managing to create global impact
  3. Continual self-improvement (CPDs) is a must, and
  4. The main employable skills are self-confidence, good communication, getting along with colleagues and being indispensable (going the extra mile).

Lastly, an interesting life experience came from a panelist, who is an accomplished entrepreneur as result of applying her engineering background to form a successful wool making company – “In the competitive job market, you can also chose to be creative, be entrepreneurial, take risks and create something of your own, to employ yourself and others”.

In summary the panelists’ recommendations were that one needs to be unique and endeavor to seek opportunities that would enable them to stand out tall among all the rest.

Sussie Karani (CPA Lunch)
Sussie at the luncheon event with Gareth Cooper, European Relationship Manager at CPA Australia

My future aspirations is to register with CPA Australia or similar world leading professional accounting bodies for my professional development and be able to mentor the younger generation to navigate their career paths.

Every day at NBS I learn new things through face to face interactions with lecturers and mingling with other students from all over the world with diverse culture. I am passionate about accounting and at NBS I am living my academic dream. This is an academic journey that builds you to be all-rounder and it has brought out the best in me. If you are seeking to start your career at NBS, then go for it.

With thanks to Sussie for contributing to the NBS blog


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