CIM/NBS Marketing Club – Social Media for Brands: What should I be doing?


Social media was the focus in the fourth of our series of CIM/NBS marketing club events, which brings together industry professionals and marketing students from Norwich Business School. We learnt how to take our social media marketing to the next level in a workshop run by Ashley Spooner, Managing Director of Knife Box Digital Ltd, an agency based in Norwich and Farringdon, and part of the Digital Innovation Group (DIG).

Image result for Knife box digital

The evening began with Ashley giving us an overview of how social media can be used in a corporate setting, to improve awareness, interaction and website views of a brand. To be successful in social media marketing, we would have to get used to being online 24/7. Our consumers want fast problem solving, they want to feel that they are involved with the brand and make a difference.

We were then introduced to some of the statistics available on social media platforms (Twitter impressions and Facebook reach). These statistics show the level of engagement, whether that be clicks, likes comments etc. Ashley explained that using these tools, social media managers can gain valuable insights into which types of posts work best for their individual audience- which of course will be different for each brand! We learnt that generating unique content is key, but sharing other’s content on social media is vital in driving traffic.

So, it was over to us, in groups of 6 we were challenged to choose a brand and write a post and content plan for a week. Lots of interesting brands were chosen around the room, including the Student Union at UEA, the NHS, and ofo to name a few. Each group explained their chosen brand, and gave an example of their post, sparking interesting discussion into how different types of post suit different brands. From puns to promotions, each group put forward unique and creative suggestions for their brand, further encouraged by Ashley who gave feedback on each idea.

Attendees working on their social media content plans

Ashley ended his presentation by talking to us about promotions on social media, who to target and how to engage them effectively using tools such as geo and demo targeting. He also gave us some insight into how we should start biddings and how much we should be prepared to pay for social media ads.

The event ending with networking over sandwiches and drinks, and an informal Q&A, with some attendees asking Ashley for advice on their own social media campaigns. Overall, the event was a great success and we eagerly await the next NBS/CIM Marketing Club event in February.

Thanks to Abby for the write-up for the NBS blog


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