The UEA Award and #TBM – By Isaac Law

Do you normally do throwbacks on Thursdays on your social media accounts? To be honest, as long as it’s a throwback, it doesn’t really matter when they’re posted! For me, I have another # instead of #TBT…

UEA Award

It’s the #TBM. Yeah! No typos! It stands for Throw Back March.  So what’s so special for me back in March? The UEA Award Ceremony! Just in case you don’t know what the UEA Award is about, it is an award that recognises a range of activities, both academic and extra-curricular, undertaken during your time at UEA. It helps you develop the essential skills and attributes for life and employment when you finish your course. It’s been developed in conjunction with employers and culminates in certification from the University.

Isaac Talking
Isaac talking at the UEA Award Ceremony 2017

This year, the ceremony was held on 16 March 2017, which involved sharing from employers, the Head of Careers, awarded students and an informal networking session after the ceremony. It was a pleasure for me to be the first NBS Student invited to share my award journey with all the students enrolled in the award, academics and employers.

I talked about my experience throughout the award journey, and how my skills and attributes had been developed after setting up a company with 8 UEA friends. I particularly enjoyed the photo taking session after the ceremony, as we dressed up in these crazy costumes. These photos are nothing like the LinkedIn ones!


Oops… Sorry for not introducing myself at the beginning… I am Isaac, a final year Accounting and Finance student, and one of the UEA Award ambassadors, responsible for the Faculty of Social Sciences (including NBS). If you have any enquiries about the award or you would like to sign up for the award, feel free to drop me an email at or

I look forward to seeing you with your certificates at the award ceremony 2018!

Isaac with fellow UEA Award winners!

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