MBA Alumni – Mark Walsh

Why did you join the UEA MBA programme? 

I had recently decided on a career pivot and needed a relevant qualification at the right level to return to my first career in the City of London, as my first career had been in Software development for financial services and the UEA MBA was perfect for my longer term plans. With the excellent streams in Finance and Technology the programme couldn’t have been any better for my aspiring return to the Square Mile and the financial district of London.

Were there any specific programme attributes or life/career influences?

The combination of Finance, Technology and Strategy subjects were the exact skill set that London’s financial services were looking for and to have them in one degree was such an exceptional curriculum and at the Masters level, would enable me to quickly return to the work place.

What were your first few days like arriving in Norwich / UEA?

At the time I was living in Norwich having developed my catering career, achieving Head Chef status, and I already knew the quality and reputation of Norwich Business School. I took further recommendations from reviews online and found that Norwich Business School came highly recommended.

What were your expectations on joining the MBA? 

Having completed my research I had many different expectations as this was a strategic move for me and would enable me to return to a career I had been away from for 14 years. My main understanding of the course, team and Business School was that they were so highly recommended I knew that this was the right combination of all of the above that I would succeed in my career pivot.

What were your biggest fears and concerns?

I had a number of fears and concerns that centered around my changing career in a period where technology and Financial Services had moved on so much that I wouldn’t be relevant in the workplace anymore, i’m pleased to say with the curriculum, team and support from the UEA, I shouldn’t have worried, they provided me with the rights skills and experience it actually turned out to not be an issue.

How did the MBA change your life personally and professionally?

The MBA personally challenged me to return to academic learning and knowledge acquisition. Something that I had not done since my first degree, 26 years previously, but I was well supported in the preparation, development, and understanding by the pastoral and student services that the Business School also have.

What did you go on to do after you graduated?

And this is where I credit the UEA and Norwich Business School with my greatest success, I have returned to the Financial sector in the City of London, managing at a senior level, large scale, multi-million pound technology projects.

What advice do you have for those who are joining the programme?

The single piece of advice I felt I struggled with is ‘Ask,speak up, reach out’ the Business School has leading experts in their field, but also has pastoral and support services in place. It took me a while to reach out, even though I suffer from Bi-Polar, which when I did the University were there at every time I needed support.

Have you stayed in touch with your cohort members or alumni from other years?

Yes, we are part of the Alumni network and meet regularly, this has enable me to keep up to date with further aspects of the network, the University doesn’t end at Graduation.

How has the alumni network helped you?

I have really enjoyed the network and its Alumni contacts, we are out in the real world still supporting each other.

Would you like to send a message to the MBA team at UEA?

Thank you for enabling and supporting one of the biggest changes in my life.

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