Meet the Brand Leaders 2019-20

The MSc in Brand Leadership at the University of East Anglia is now in its eleventh year. It’s the only programme of its kind in the world.
It combines the rigour of strategic thinking with creativity in branding and individual mentorship to help students with their personal and professional development. We equip them with tools to create a positive impact on you and your organisation.
Here are all the students, with their LinkedIn profiles.
Do get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about the students or become part of our extended professional network.

Robert Jones and Nick Yip, programme directors

Bright Archibong

I am a brand enthusiast driven by delivering unforgettable experiences to consumers. My undergraduate degree in mass communication made me passionate about disseminating information to consumers, which eventually sparked an interest in branding. I am an adept observer who easily reads and understands people, and that helps me shine a revealing light on the deepest needs of consumers and draw relevant insights. I also possess a bright personality which enables me to work harmoniously with diverse personalities. With my experience in branding and experiential marketing, I intend to create and build phenomenal brands whilst always broadening my knowledge.

Huying (Helen) Chen

A self-driven and open-minded optimist with a keen interest in branding. With my experience in marketing and consultancy, I have the desire to develop and explore all the opportunities that may arise in the future. I love meeting new people, solving problems, and creating stories throughout my journey. I believe in the power of branding, which enables me to bring people together and make our lives full of excitement and adventure.

Ryan Ellis

My curiosity and openness to new perspectives allow me to empathise and connect with others. I aim to provide brands with interpersonal connections with their stakeholders.

Mengqiao Lyvia Guo

Dare to strike out and find new ground rather than walk off the edge like lemmings.
Dare to seek answers for my life rather than lead lives of quiet desperation.
Dare to question.
Dare to believe.
Let Your Voice Impress All.

Junyan (June) Hu

Being True, Being Well.

Yi-Chun (Lia) Kuo

A brand enthusiast, I have worked as a sales and account executive, as well as a brand communicator and copywriter. As a thoughtful, organized, and adaptive person, I am able to provide a sense of calm yet motivate people around me to push forward.

Thuy (Tien) Lam

I want to build brands that bridge the gap between art and business.

Minh (Ann) Nguyen

I believe in the essence and the power of connection, whether it is human connection, human-nature connection or connection of causes and beliefs; and in order to infuse brands into human life in a meaningful way, we need more of these connections.

Minh (Mira) Nguyen

I am a balance between yin and yang, being a go-getter and a sympathetic listener. In this way, I lead brands and their shareholders to move forward by becoming the best of themselves.

Thuy Nguyen

I believe in kindness and in the power of branding. Together they bring new meanings to the world.

Alejandra Perez Lin

I am an inquisitive and driven person, intrigued by how the meaning and symbolic discourse of brands are created. I’m fixed on turning my life-long obsession with branding into an actual profession.

Cameron Reid

I am an eager, positive thinking individual who has a natural flair to communicate, step outside my comfort zone and immerse myself into new environments.  As a Brand Leader, with a background in Business Management, I have always been driven by curiosity, connecting the dots between insight, strategy and storytelling. Invest in me, and you will be working with someone who aligns brand ambition with creative thinking, while being agile towards change. I take pride in my work, and the fact I don’t do less than my best. I am looking for employment in London from September 2020.

Puthita (My) Rodploy

I am an ambitious brand leader who gives brands power through how they communicate in the world.

Yuejie (Jeff) Shi

I am an outgoing, confident and enthusiastic brand practitioner. I have a passion for branding and marketing, and I am willing to explore the underlying reasons behind things. I possess excellent communication and critical thinking skills, from ten years’ experience in the big brand marketing departments in the tourism industry. In my future career, I would like to be a professional brand strategist, combining the practical knowledge learned on this course with my previous experience to help organisations build strong brands. 

Srushti Shinde

The greatest inventors usually have the ability to make connections across disciplines. My background in engineering, coupled with the belief that brands are threads that hold an organization together, helps me solve business problems differently. Driven by my optimism, and ability to recognize patterns, I can help create effective strategies for your company to become a brand leader.

On-nibha (Mai) Sinlua

Seeing the world as a place to explore and to express my creativity, I am a curious and ambitious kind of person who believes in the magic of branding.

Jing (Tara) Tang

Several years’ work experience in marketing and advertising have given me a deep insight into how best to communicate with target audiences. Branding is both a challenging and fascinating job for me. I’m here to make a big change in this world with every little meaning.

Linh (Lynn) Tran

With my creativity and ambition, I am an influential brand leader who can tell a truthful story about brands that says ‘wow’ to the world.

Linh Tran

Driven by curiosity, I’m passionate about consumer insights and experiences. I love decoding trends and using a creative approach to answer every branding brief.

Yi-Chen (Lily) Tsou

Driven by my background in design, my sensitive thinking allows me to interpret stories into action. I am small but energetic, and show great enthusiasm. Challenges excite me: I believe the world of branding is huge, yet can be shaped by our own hands.

Kwankao (Look-wai) Vongjaturapat

I’m a brand leader with a drive to make a better society where no-one is alone.

Ziming (Summer) Xia

A creative up-and-coming brand leader with practical ideas for fusing authenticity and emotion in brands, and bringing them to the world.

Jialu (Christy) Xu

I’m driven by curiosity, with a passion for branding. Traveling, as well as spending time on my own, can always supply energy for me. With a wide range of international experience, I’m fascinated by collaborating with people have various backgrounds, to change the world of branding.

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