Pursuing an MSc with Norwich Business School

The summer is a time for undergraduates to celebrate the end of their final assessments, a time for reflection and celebration and a well-earnt rest, but as the dust settles thoughts naturally move to a graduate’s next steps.

Pursuing an MSc is considered necessary for career-advancement but what other things should be considered? 

  1. Specialise and broaden Open up new career options whilst achieving a more competitive, higher-level qualification. It gives both specialist skills and diversification into new areas of business; offering you and employers a broader skills set.
  2. Employability – Our MSc graduates are highly sought after and programmes can offer a shorter route to fulfilling professional ambitions. Benefit from many employability events, industry links, careers and library services.
  3. Short-duration – One of the positives is its short duration of one year. The benefits of entering your career at a higher level and with greater insight, maturity and ability far outweigh associated living costs and fees of a single-year.
  4. Finances –  UEA undergraduates exclusive discounts – a 1st degree attracts 50% and a 2:1 attracts a £4k discount.  With increased earnings potential, it becomes an attractive proposition. Courses range from £10k to £14k EU and £18-£19.5k International (plus discounts) – loans available.
  5. Practice over theory Outdated thinking assumes post-graduate study cannot replace employment experience; however post-graduates can demonstrate skills and confidence through applied challenges, at a more comprehensive level.
  6. Career advancement – At its heart, a postgraduate degree prepares for a career in management and leadership; giving tools and skills to adapt in a changing global environment, with associated earnings potential.
  7. Providing clarity – Giving students a one-year intensive introduction to the world of work gives clarity over career choices and helps to discover personal skills and strengths, interests and an individualised career path.
  8. Academics Our research-led Business School attracts highly qualified academic and research staff, enriching our teaching and giving strong and diverse industry links. Low student-to-staff ratios mean greater contact and support. 
  9. Culture – Our internationalised culture gives a global perspective, also embedded within the learning.  We have created a special atmosphere of co-operation, understanding and shared knowledge; which extends into campus life.
  10. Research – Some elect to progress to a PhD doctorate, following MSc.  Norwich Business School, UEA and the research park community offer one of the best places globally to pursue a career in research and academia.

Courses suitable for business graduates

An MSc with Norwich Business School can be your ticket to success; offering good value for money. We have selected the MSc programmes suitable for Norwich Business School undergraduates:

MSc Accounting & Finance

MSc Business Analytics and Management

MSc Banking & Finance

MSc Brand Leadership

MSc Management

MSc Operations and Logistics Management

Courses suitable for non-business graduates

The courses below offer graduates, in a non-business related subject, a chance to continue their post-graduate studies in business – whilst UEA graduates of all schools benefit from the fee discounts of up to 50% (see Finances above). 

These courses provide a full year of teaching, with a range of advanced, collaborative modules and opportunities to engage in team business simulation exercises, for prestigious prizes. Enabling every student to finish brimming with confidence and ready to take the next step in their career!

The course selection includes:

MSc Business Management

MSc Digital Business and Management

MSc Finance and Management

MSc Global Business Management

MSc Human Resource Management

MSc Investment and Financial Management

MSc International Accounting and Financial Management

MSc Marketing

MSc Marketing and Management

MSc Organisational Psychology

Please click on the course links for more information or email admissions@uea.ac.uk

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