It is fair to say that I thought I would be delivering this review of the year at our end of year business ball surrounded by all my fellow students, great committee and NBS staff. The reality is a little different, however I am still proud that the society has been able to deliver social and academic events to over 200 members from 4 different faculties.

Aforementioned in the review of semester 1, this year we launched the ‘Virtual Pub’ and ‘Alumni Series’. Of those events, it would be great to see the alumni series continue into the coming years. This provides students with a realistic, informative and personalised point of view about entering different industries at graduate level from previous UEA/NBS students who have been in their position. On the contrary, I wish to never see the virtual pub being ran again and hope members can go back to enjoying our reputable bar crawls around Norwich in the coming months.

During semester 2, we carried on with virtual social events. Noticeably, we provided First Years Students with an opportunity to get to know one another via a quiz, something which has been exceptionally difficult for them due to being confined to their halls, fully online tuition, and 2 lockdowns.

Our main event this semester was in collaboration with a national employer, Enterprise Rent a Car. Here, students had to work in assigned teams to launch a branch of the Enterprise Car Club within a budget. The winners of the competition were also fast-tracked for a graduate management trainee role with Enterprise and the runners up being offered mock interviews. This allowed participants to build on essential skills such as commercial awareness, teamwork, public speaking and problem solving. The event was of great value to students as it allows them to demonstrate to future employers that they are a proactive individual who is keen to get involved in extracurricular activities and to not hide in the crowd of other students.

We also happily promoted events organised by other NBS students. A noticeable one was ‘How to get a job in marketing during COVID’ which provided students with valuable advice from 4 different Marketing professionals.

Despite the situation, we have done all we can, and it will be great to see events such as the UEAPPRENTICE, bar crawls, and the trip abroad to return next year, so long as the government regulations allow. I would like to thank my great committee for all their effort in their different roles and also to Norwich Business School for working with us on events, a partnership that is only made stronger year on year.

Being a member of the UEA Business Society allows you to meet so many great people and has, without a doubt, opened doors for me and other members. If you are a student reading this and thinking that you could/would like to get involved, please just go for it, your time at university will go by in a heartbeat, even if you currently think you’ve got plenty of time.

Although it has not been half as good as expected, it has been an absolute pleasure to lead the society this year and to be involved within it throughout my university experience. I wish all my fellow students well in the different paths we are about to go down.

Stay in touch and all the best,

Adam Wilkins

UEA Business Society President 2020-21


Adam Wilkins

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