A Poem – “The MBA Emotions roller coaster”


During the 2 + years of the Exec MBA emotional roller coaster I often questioned what I was doing. Emotions of fear, Dread, trepidation, guilt, disappointment amidst sheer exhaustion were often equally matched with excitement, wonder, passion, anticipation, elation, , happiness, Joy, serenity, hope, pride, amusement and inspiration.

How do you sum up 2 years of your life and your feelings on completion in under 500 words. Well a little verse often helps and now I have the MBA done, I have more time to spend on such pursuits.

The MBA Emotions roller coaster

Curious I attend an evening taster,
Inspired I put my pen to paper,
Anxious I await my initial response
Outwardly I am faking nonchalance,
Trepidation filled to an interview,
Questioning me “is this really for you?”,
Fear and doubt –  no postal delivery
But would it be 2 years of misery?

Letter arrives, an allocated place,
A broadening smile covers my face,
First week’s induction journey through snows,
Interesting lectures, confidence grows,
Assignment discussed, submission date set,
Works getting busy, I am starting to Fret,
Reviewing articles, reading my notes,
Harvard referencing, even for quotes

Assignments, workshops, classes, Exams
Powerpoint, Dropbox, Project Plans
This is my life now no time to waste
Reading and writing (a cut and a paste)
A reference is needed for Porters 5 forces,
The Harvard standard shows all of my sources
Still typing my assignment, its quarter to three
This last minute panic that’s stupid of me

Cinema, Television Music or Show
The answer each time is sadly No
Friends declined and on the back burner
Apparently I’m considered the studious learner
1 year passes and  5 subjects down
A smile replaces my permanent frown
The timetable appears to spare us some slack
Is this a chance to have some life back?

Year two commences with  project charters,
We are off to Prague as consultancy partners,
Teams are defined, and data’s collected,
Ideas refined and others rejected,
We meet with the client all eager and keen,
We ask lots of questions, “what did this mean?”
End of the week, presentation complete,
Now time for a drink, when shall we meet.

Timetables clash, Sleep deprivation
How can I cope, I need a vacation
Late nights and weekends stimulant pumped
The Ideas are flowing a thousand words dumped
Final submission, should I be scared?
Last lessons taken, farewells declared
Six weeks to wait it’s finally over
The MBA emotions roller coaster

And now its done, what do I think?
It’s been a delight I say with a wink.
I once had a chip as big as a boulder,
Sitting upon my right and left shoulder,
I wanted the letters available to me,
It was never about increasing my fee,
I needed to know I was capable you see,
Because the greatest reward is being set free,

So there you go my review of the course. Not traditional but in UEA style  “DO DIFFERRENT”

Looking back, would I do it again, absolutely.

Joseph Kiddell     Joseph Kiddell, Executive MBA 2013 – 2015

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